String of lights in paper lantern covers
Inspired by a friend’s post, I set out to build my own version of a Lumenator, a device to flood a room with light in order to prevent the sadness of a dark winter and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). I found a couple of instructional pages, but most have not […]

Building a Lumenator to Cope with SAD and Winter Blues

For the most up-to-date information about the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, visit the WHO website. Staying home during this quarantine can be challenging! I’ve gathered some things to do while we’re at home to explore the wider world around us. Hopefully some of these help you feel more connected and part […]

Free Activities to do from Home During COVID-19

The Record Company Boston
I’ve been hoping a collaborative community music space would be created in Boston. Looks like these folks are doing that! The Record Co. Receives Grant Money for an All-Ages Music Venue in Boston

The Record Co All-Ages Music Venue in Boston

This highlights some of the ideas my work has put into practice this past year, as far as microservices go.

Open Source logo
Facebook is opening up their Infer static analyzer to developers! Happy to see the continued trend of large companies pursuing collaborative, open code. Read more about the open source announcement… Get started using Infer here.

Facebook open-sources Infer static analyzer

After playing with the BananaPi recently, the CHIP computer made by Next Thing Co. is pretty tempting at $9 for a computer that can surf the web and run basic programs. Best of all, it’s totally open-source, so you can view the PCB schematics and Bill of Materials if you […]

CHIP $9 computer board

Got this servo motor running on the Banana Pro today! It’s running in a C++ Qt device library I added servo functionality to, using WiringX so it’s cross-compatible with other embedded boards (Raspberry Pi, Hummingboard, BeagleBone, etc).

Banana Pro Servo Motor Working!

Want to be inspired? Here is a collection of stories of women in STEM – some I knew, and some I didn’t. Pretty interesting look into the history of several contributors to math and science! A sampling of my favorites: As part of a secret World War Two project, […]

Short Stories about Women in Science and Tech

The Inside 3D Printing Expo had some pretty neat tech this year, including a full-body scanner and medical devices. I’m excited to see this technology continue to progress past the rough-surface-finish prototyping parts of a few years ago.

3D Printing Expo: Full-Body Scanner and Model Maker