Hi, I’m Karen!

I’m a software test engineer in the Boston area that loves to learn by experimenting with new technology.

I’m testing out cloud-based music systems these days. In the past, I’ve written test software for robotics safety, designed and tested electromechanical equipment, developed web applications, and tinkered with LEGO robotics to design educational curriculum.

I’ve studied electronic musical instrument design, and had a chance to try out acoustic instrument building at the Boston SMFA.

I enjoy exploring systems in which mechanics, electronics, and software development intertwine. I juggle an ever-changing group of personal, work, and academic projects which keep me learning.

Outside of work, I cook sizzling improvised dinners for housemates and friends, enjoy craft brews, and spend some of my evenings dancing blues or contra. I create and play acoustic and electronic instruments, and record and mix music on occasion. I am committed to an environmentally-responsible lifestyle, so can be found wiping dirt on my jeans in my organic garden in the summer, tilling the compost pile in the fall, and installing LED lighting. It’s pretty likely that at any given moment I have my nose in a book, am debugging a coding project, or am tinkering with my car engine or fixing other small bit of modern life.